"Spirit Animal~Rabbit" Blush Pink Vegan Suede Hand Painted Hat

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"Spirit Animal~ Rabbit" Hand Painted Hat

Beautiful Rabbit with Lavender & Pink Beautiful Mushrooms hand painted on inside rim of hat.  The top has a crushed velvet gray/purple ribbon, and a beautiful gold and white daisy enamel brooch.

The Rabbit as a Spirit Animal: good luck, new beginnings, fertility, hope, sensitivity and gentleness.

Each hat will have a small paint palette with the paint colors used, signed and dated.

One of a Kind!!!!

Blush Pink Vegan Suede Wide Brim Felt Hat.

Hand Painted Rich Purples, Greens, Pinks and Gold.

Signed by the artist inside the hat.

13 3/4" total diameter, 3" brim, approx. 21 3/4" circumference with an elastic hatband.

Each hat will have a 16" x 20" Cotton Canvas drawstring dust bag signed by artist.