Vintage Parisian Flea Market Lace Necklace


I discovered this lace at the Porte de Vanves Flea Market in Paris a few years ago.  I was so excited and wanted to pay the asking price right away!  Of course, I am married to the "ultimate" negotiator and he played it cool and managed a great price, despite the language barrier.  I have a theory that the French lady just wanted my husband to stop butchering Her native language with his Texas accent, either way he was awesome!

The pendant has a piece of this beautiful lace soldered in 2" beveled glass.

The 18" necklace is GYPSY perfection with lots of turquoise, big ol' crystals, hot pink druzy beads and turquoise.

This necklace is similar to one I designed for a bride to wear at her barn wedding last August.  This would be perfect for an autumn barn wedding with lots of rhinestones, mums and cowboy boots!

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