Heirloom (noun): something of unique value handed down from one generation to another.

I often think of the incredible women who inspired me, gave me the ability to follow my heart and dreams, and helped me become the woman I am proud to be today. Reflecting on them is something I often do to appreciate where I am in my life.

Leona Alice was my maternal grandmother and spoiled me rotten. She loved pretty things, even though she only had a few. Her favorite flower, a peony, is an appreciation and love she also passed on to me. You'll often find my home filled with Peonies when they're in season.

Margaret Joyce is my beautiful mom. She taught me that love is unconditional, challenging, and relentless, but always worth it in the end. Her strength and resilience inspire me constantly.

Katrina Kay was my beautiful little sister. I love to say that she wasn't easy, but she was the fiercest woman I have ever known. She always had a way with words and would always post a bible verse on her social media to pick up and inspire the people around her—especially when she had a bad day. My little sister was always my best friend and continues to be when I think about her. Katrina is and always will be the other half of my heart, and I miss her every day.

Lastly, Martha Janice—my beautiful and wickedly funny aunt. She loved me, taught me how not to be so serious, how to laugh, and a few not-so-nice salty phrases that have gotten me in trouble on multiple occasions. Her laughter, joy, and light continue inspiring me all these years later.

I am the granddaughter, daughter, sister, and niece of these glorious women.

I am the recipient of their lessons in love and the heirloom that I hope to pass on to my boys and my beautiful niece.

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